Review management AutoPilot will help you stay on top of good and bad reviews.

Social Media

Increase your presence on major Social Media platforms with MenuMento!

Online Menus

Effortless up-to-date menu available online across social media platforms!

Online review management

Improve customer engagement, reputation & revenues with MenuMento.

Bad Reviews = Lost Revenues. A bad review is VERY expensive. An untreated bad review is deadly for a business reputation. The sooner you positively respond to a bad review, the less damage and lost revenue it will cause.

MenuMento tracks & notifies you of new online reviews and stores them in a simple to use dashboard. You can easily manage reviews across multiple locations. Even track internal status of a review such as “Viewed and discussing”, “Sent to owner for comment”, “Responded”.

Social Media Presense

Engage customers anywhere, anytime with MenuMento.

The days of succeeding with customer engagement by using email marketing or only Facebook posts are fast behind us. Prospective customers live in many different forms of social media. Because of this your business must also have a consistent presence in each of these platforms.

Today the top 3 social media platforms for restaurants are: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Not only do you need a presence in each of these, but a consistent presence is a must needed ingredient to your customer engagement success.

MenuMento is the bridge between you and social media platforms. MenuMento simplifies social media presense for Restaurants, Bars, and Breweries. We extend your reach to many more prospective customers, while reducing your efforts & time to manage.

MenuMento allows you to do mobile, real-time posts, or schedule yours posts into the future.

Online Menus

Having an up-to-date menu available online across social media platforms (Facebook, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more. And yes, also your web site!) allows consumers to make educated decisions about where to make purchases. Managing expectations at the digital level allows you to attract and retain happy customers.

75% of adults look up menus prior to visiting an establishment

37% of consumers opt for dining out, getting takeout or getting delivery more often when they see an online menu for a restaurant that offers such service.

80% of consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months.

MenuMento makes it effortless managing your menu across the vast number of platforms and keep your customers happy!

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